Spring 2016 Archive

Spring 2016

In Addition to History

In Addition to History

Novelist Thomas Mallon imagines what lies between the facts in the lives of presidents and those around them.


Balancing the Books

Alumna Kyle Zimmer’s nonprofit, First Book, is pooling the buying power of educators and families in need to change the face of—and the access to—children’s publishing.

Tracking Terror in the U.S.

A new think tank finds the "democratization of terrorist recruitment" on social media is helping to create an increasingly diverse picture of Islamic-inspired extremism.


Other Spring Features

Poetry in Motion

A second-career English teacher helps kids find their voice and confidence in school through "wrestling with words."

The Ball is in his Court

Former GW tennis star David Haggerty recently took the helm of the sport's international governing body. 



Card Catalog

A niche collection of baseball cards makes it to Cooperstown.

Pattern Recognition

Ding Ren, MFA '09, looks across cultures for "patterns that are both foreign and familiar."


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