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winter 2016

Skyview drive in theatre

Just Passing Through

With the automobile boom in the rearview and the Interstate Highway System ahead, a professor spent much of the late 1960s and ’70s documenting a moment in time on the American road.


Jonquel's Best Shot

The Bahamian standout took a 900-mile leap and landed as one of the WNBA’s top prospects.

You Are Here

As president of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Daniel Weiss, BA ’79, finds his way anew on familiar turf.


Other Winter Features

The Sweet Life

Behind the newly named Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service is an American story more than a century in the making.


Fluid Dynamics

As a child in the 1950s, alumna Alexandra "Alex" Tolstoy created oil sketches of Rembrandts and of angels in Michelangelo paintings.

Legally Bound

Inside the Jacob Burns Law Library's trove of 35,000 rare books.



More Alumni News

The Student Lens

Freshman Harrison Jones took over GW's Instagram account for a week.


Plane Jane

Competing in a four-day, women-only transcontinental air race, Carole Scanlon-Goldberg, MS '83, follows a path plied by some of history's greatest aviatrixes.

Keeping Time

The maestro of the Musical Instrument Museum offers favorites from the collection. 


Baton Rouge-based writer Maggie Heyn Richardson, BA '90, excavates stories of Louisiana's food heritage.


Endowed Gifts: A Primer

 The university's more than 1,300 endowments provide funding for scholarships, professorships and programs, among other things, in perpetuity.

Chardonnay By the Bay

More than 100 GW alumni, parents, prospective students and other guests mingled during a November afternoon of food and wine pairings in San Francisco.

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