Get to Know GWAA President Will Alexander (If You Don’t Already)


Get to Know GWAA President Will Alexander (If You Don’t Already)

Double alumnus Will Alexander assumed the presidency of the GW Alumni Association last summer.



The D.C. native who graduated from the School Without Walls made the most of his six years at GW. During his time on campus, Alexander, B.S. ’04, M.B.A. ’06, was a brother of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., a member of the cheerleading team, a cabinet member of what was then Colonial Inauguration and a Presidential Administrative Fellow.

He hasn’t slowed down much. In addition to leading the GWAA, Alexander is an expert on construction, real estate and sustainability, and he is currently the owner of SUSTAINABUILT.

GW Magazine caught up with Alexander to learn about how he envisions his role as GWAA president, his favorite on-campus moments and—in a bonus lightning round–his celebrity crush, dream vacation and more.

Why is staying connected to the university important to you?

I was a Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Scholar, so much of what I enjoyed from my time as a student was made possible by someone investing in the success of young people like me. I had a ball at GW, and I want to ensure that subsequent generations of students have an opportunity to experience all that I did and more. Recognizing those who invested in you can sometimes be taken for granted as a student while you’re in the midst of studying for exams, participating in athletics and navigating relationships. But as an alumnus, I am able to reflect on how invaluable that opportunity was for me. I work hard to be that “someone” for today’s young people.

What do you hope to accomplish as GWAA president?

I didn’t enter this role with any preset agenda. I really want to spend the time talking to fellow alumni, understanding where they are, their needs and concerns, and helping make connections that help build a strong alumni community. I am working with GW’s Office of Alumni Relations to create opportunities that bring more alumni into the fold and contribute to the university’s mission of educating future generations of scholars. An example of this is the Judge Leah Brock McCartney mural project. It arose from two students’ experience in a course taught by GW Professor Jordan S. West exploring Black feminist theory. They were struck by the legacy of GW’s first Black woman graduate and sought to share their understanding of her life and impact with the broader university community by creating a mural on campus. As alumni, we have an opportunity to support these efforts through volunteerism and fundraising to bring this initiative into fruition. To me, this is what the role is all about. What are the things that our students, faculty and staff are engaged in? What ways can we, as alumni, contribute to the furtherance of such enriching experiences for generations to come?

What is your favorite only-at-GW moment?

There are so many. The easiest is my Commencement on the Ellipse. Graduating in the heart of the nation’s capital is a moment that so few in this world get to experience. There is truly nothing that is comparable. Separately, on a more personal note, I don’t think I would have ever embarked on my college cheerleading career if it were not for GW. That experience opened up my world, traveling around the country and as far away as Germany, teaching and participating in the sport. It gave me a more global perspective.

What do you like to do when you return to campus?

I make a point to stop in at GW Deli. I’ve been going there since I was a freshman in high school in ’96. I also like to grab a pint at Tonic. Some of my old haunts are gone. Lindy’s was a favorite.

What would someone be surprised to learn about you?

I don’t think many who knew me as an undergrad would have predicted that I'd become as much of a homebody as I am these days. When I’m not out for professional or volunteer purposes, I am typically spending time with my two sons, Jameson and Jackson, and my wife, Jennifer, who also graduated from GW. I also like to tinker with old Nissans and enjoy a good bourbon at home.



Lightning Round


Cats or dogs?
Dogs. I don't like a pet to be indifferent toward me.

Sweet or salty?
Both. Breakfast sandwich on a French toast bagel is near perfection.

Dream vacation
Returning to Germany for an extended stay (one month plus).

Morning or night?
Night, the kids are asleep

Favorite day of the week
Saturdays are for trucks!

Celebrity crush
Tracee Ellis Ross

Favorite band/musician
Wu Tang is forever

Coffee or tea?

TV or movies?




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