From the Alumni Association

Steve Frenkil

Fellow Colonials:

This is an exciting time for GW and for the Alumni Association! Much is happening on campus and at university and alumni events around the world. You can learn more about these happenings and about alumni benefits at

Special recognition is due to our Immediate Past President Jim Core, MA ’96, for his leadership, vision, and passion. As we work together to achieve the GWAA’s mission of enabling lifetime engagement, gathering a voice for alumni, and building a culture of philanthropy, I am focused on four principal objectives for the next two years:

1. Promote a Culture of “Colonials Helping Colonials.”

The guiding principle here is that you lend a hand when a member of the GW community reaches out. We have a worldwide network of support, which plays out daily among students, alumni, and faculty and staff members. We need to do it more, and talk about it more. Identifying and labeling this commitment can help make it part of our daily expectation. As “Colonials Helping Colonials” becomes more embedded in the DNA of GW and the GWAA, we will enhance the value and character of our GW network. “Colonials Helping Colonials” can help define who we are.

2. Enhance the Student-Alumni Connection.

Strengthening student-alumni interaction serves a critical role for the GWAA, because we can help students be successful and because students recognize the value of networking. Recent GWAA presidents and boards strengthened the ties between students and alumni. In the next two years, we will carry the effort to the next level. It is noteworthy that the closing ceremony of Colonial Inauguration— GW’s three-day orientation for incoming freshmen—heavily focuses on the student-alumni connection, even before the first day of classes! This underscores the value of connecting with and supporting students.

3. Reinforce the Diversity of the GWAA.

There has been good progress on gender and multicultural diversity of the GWAA. We will continue to work collaboratively with various groups to strengthen this commitment. There are three additional areas of diversity that we are poised to address. These include outreach to military and veteran students and alumni who took few, if any, classes on the Foggy Bottom Campus. We will also assess how to approach virtual alumni—online students who may have never visited any GW campus.

4. Increase Engagement in Community Service.

Service to others strengthens our society and our character. Last year, alumni collaborated with students on a day of service, along with other service activities. Our goal is to expand the number of events and offer different ways to involve alumni in community service at GW.

You can make a difference for yourself and others by getting involved. The GWAA hosts events across the globe, and you can also participate through social media and virtual networking. We need you, your ideas, and your opinions; please feel free to share them with us at

Best regards,

Steve Frenkil, BA ’74 and Past Parent (’06, ’10) President GWAA, 2013-15